Telegraph Media Group

Software: From Access Select HR & Select Pay  to Ceridian – Dayforce Application – Data Migration Project.

Sector: Media

Size: 1,000 Employees

The Brief

Lite Consultancy has worked with Telegraph for 7 years providing, consultancy and implementation services on the SelectHR and SelectPay. In 2021, The Telegraph decided to review the market to see what alternative solutions were available and took the decision to move to the Ceridian Dayforce product.

Lite provided support to the project by extracting the data from the Access systems in the upload template format to ensure it would import into Dayforce successfully. Due to the fact that multiple exports were required at different phases of the implementation program our technical team created SLQ scripts to extract the data in the required formats that can be run as and when it is required.

Since providing the SQL scripts, the project has been put on hold due to commercial reasons but the data migration exercise has been completed as far as possible. 

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