Data Services 

The most crucial part to any project! 

Accurate and complete data is a fundamental requirements for any system implementation. HRIS implementation often incorporates data from multiple sources and is required at different times throughout a project.

We will work with your teams to understand the data sources and build a plan to ensure that sufficient time is allowed to validate and cleanse the data prior to the upload to the new system. We will always recommend that your cleanse the data in your existing system so that there is a central source for the data

At LitE our technical team works with the project manager and the client internal team to coordinate the data requirements in line with software providers teams. We will work with you to assist in extracting the data from your incumbent systems and will populate the supplied data templates with the required data formats.

On most projects today there will be a requirement to import the data multiple times throughout the project. Generally you will load data initially for the system to be configured, then a fresh data set will be required for User acceptance testing (UAT) and then another dat set will be required for the parallel running phase assuming payroll is included in the project.

Why Us ?

Experienced technical team 
We understand HR and Payroll data 
Quicker to execute than internal teams  
We have knowledge of supplier templates 
We will create repeatable methods to obtain data
We recommend data required

Understanding the data 

To help with any project and its data we have compiled a list of things that may come up through a project and to indicate the complexity of the data phase of the project. The key point to make with the data is that it is changing as we speak so as soon as you cut off the data for import there needs to be a freeze or a way of capturing changes during the period.
Well maintained data is what is required. Your looking to have accurate data for the data that you do hold and ultimately complete data sets for all employees. The effect of poor data is the same as having no employee data as you are unable  to use the data to drive your business. We recommend that time is put into preparing your your data for your systems and having a clear process that ensures that data is maintained regularly. 
Current data is a snap shot of your data now. Systems will generally take this data to initially populate the systems for configuration and User Accesptance Data. 
Generally you would want to maintain your employee data, so that you can see employee progression, reviews, job changes, salary changes etc. Consideration should be given to how much of this data you import and is the data complete and accurate to import into your new system.
There is a legal requirement to maintain payroll data for 6 + the current tax years data. This data does not always get loaded into your new system but you will need to make a decision on how you retain this data.
A minimum of 1 years absence data is usually required to enable accurate absence reporting from the system. Sicknes absence will be required for the cuurrent tax year for payroll sickness calculations and payaments. 
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