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We are an HRIS Implementation consultancy practice that was formed to provide clients with an alternative and fresh approach to service delivery. Our interest and passion is in helping our clients gain the maximum benefit from the software that they have purchased and help achieve the project goals that they have set themselves.

Within our team we have a total of 60+ years of experience within the HR and Payroll sector and our skills range from software development and architecture to technical and application consultancy.

At LitE Consulting our fundamental value is the relationships we build with our clients.  Our commitment to our clients is to deliver the very best consultancy combined with the ongoing support and assistance during our assignment with you.

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We work on a range of different assignments with clients all related to people management systems and the organisational change required to embed technology and processes within organisations.

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We are an #HRIS Consultancy practice which focuses on helping our clients make full use of their #HRIS software, and advise and guide on best practice
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