HR & Payroll Transformation

HR and Payroll Transformation 

Transformation is a review and overhaul of the HR and payroll operations within an organisation. It combines the people, process, culture and technology of an organisation with a view to harmonise all elements and drive operational improvements and efficiency. The technology is one element to this and will underpin the process changes that are and inevitable element to the transformation programme.

 Implementation steps as part of the HR and Payroll Transformation programme

At LitE we have a depth of experience in HRIS Implementation having been providing this service for 8 years to our clients across many indusrty sectors. We believe that the value of a robust, scalable, fully functional people systems enable the transformation programme to offer accurate data, compliance and efficiencies whilst supporting the people, culture and organisational goals.
The initial step involves precisely identifying the optimal team and collaborators for the transformation readiness phase. Subsequently, a comprehensive review of existing business processes is conducted to document them, and any proposed new processes undergo development and approval by the business.

This forms the essential groundwork for constructing a compelling business case, which is then presented to the board for approval. The aim is to secure endorsement for seeking suitable solutions that align with predetermined criteria. The selection and procurement of these solutions are facilitated with the guidance of specialized partners, ensuring they precisely address the identified needs.

Emphasizing the significance of the transformation readiness phase, it is crucial for the overall success of the program. We strongly advise dedicating sufficient time to this phase to preemptively address potential challenges and pitfalls, thereby ensuring a smooth and effective program that delivers the desired outcomes.
We assist our clients in crafting a robust business case to secure approval for their transformation program. This comprehensive business case encompasses the identification of key areas requiring attention, exploration of operational opportunities, an overview of high-level costs and risks, and the development of an indicative program plan to bolster the case. Drawing upon the wealth of experience and industry knowledge within our team, we offer top-tier recommendations to fortify the business case.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional guidance is evident in our reliance on independent knowledge, ensuring that our advice remains unbiased and at the forefront of industry standards. We are fervent about aligning our clients with the most suitable technology solutions, emphasizing a meticulous fit for their specific needs.
In a market filled with numerous providers, navigating the landscape without industry support or guidance can be time-consuming. At LitE, our consultancy teams, constantly engaged with diverse HR and Payroll software, bring valuable insights to streamline your decision-making process. Our approach involves initial considerations based on factors such as budget, sector, specific functionality requirements, and technological needs.

We initiate the process by creating a comprehensive long list, guiding you through the selection criteria. Working collaboratively, we narrow down the options to establish a focused short list. Throughout the demonstration phase, our team, leveraging extensive knowledge of system selection, leads you through relevant questions to ensure a thorough evaluation.

We provide ongoing support during contractual negotiations, guiding you through to completion. Typically spanning 3 to 6 months, this meticulous process guarantees a thorough, fair, and diligent evaluation. Our goal is to ensure that the proposed solution aligns seamlessly with your business, optimizing the fit based on the defined selection parameters.

We firmly assert that evolving your people solutions constitutes a comprehensive program of work rather than a singular project, given the diverse skill sets involved. These initiatives typically manifest as distinct streams of work, each requiring specific expertise. Leveraging our profound understanding of program management from both the perspective of software companies and clients, we navigate you through the intricacies of your transformation program.

Our commitment extends to establishing robust project governance, providing meticulous oversight to ensure alignment with project objectives. We maintain a vigilant track of all projects within the program, ensuring their collective success. With our team boasting extensive experience in HR and Payroll operations, we bring invaluable insights to the table, enriching the strategic guidance provided throughout the transformative journey.

In a landscape with a multitude of providers, navigating the selection process without industry support or guidance can be a time-consuming challenge. At LitE, our consultancy teams consistently engage with various HR and Payroll software, offering valuable insights into the decision-making process. Our collaborative approach involves narrowing down options based on factors such as budget, sector, specific functionality, and technological requirements.

Beginning with a comprehensive long list, we work closely with you to refine and ultimately create a focused short list for detailed evaluation. Guiding you through the demonstration phase, our team ensures that pertinent questions are addressed, drawing upon our extensive knowledge of system selection.

We provide steadfast support during contractual negotiations, guiding you through to project completion. Typically spanning 3 to 6 months, this meticulous process ensures a thorough, fair, and diligent evaluation. Our goal is to guarantee that the proposed solution aligns seamlessly with your business, optimizing the fit based on the specified selection parameters.

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