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Working with you to align your people, processes and technology 

Invest in your people by providing them with efficient, intuitive systems 
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Professional  Services 

We work in partnership with our clients by providing a range of services that enables us to assist on all elements of their HR and Payroll implementation, upgrade or ongoing day to day support. 
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Payroll Services

We provide a fully managed payroll services to our clients which is supported by cloud technology to enable us to provide an efficient, compliant, and a paperless service with a smile.
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About Us 

With a wealth of experience and a client-centric approach, our independent consultancy practice specialises in implementing cutting-edge people management solutions. Our dedicated team is committed to understanding the unique needs of each client and tailoring solutions that foster effective people management, contributing to the overall success and growth of your organisation. Whether you are looking to streamline HR processes, enhance employee engagement, or optimise HR and Payroll systems our expertise ensures a customised and efficient implementation of solutions that align with your strategic objectives.

Why LitE?

We adapt to the dynamic needs of each project, recognising the inevitable fluctuations in resource demands. Our delivery approach is flexible, avoiding rigidity. 

Our team comprises seasoned HR and payroll system specialists with extensive expertise in various systems, each possessing a broad understanding of the field. We strategically assign individuals based on their specific system knowledge, aiming to match the most experienced team member with the unique requirements of your project. In cases where multiple specialties are beneficial, we may involve more than one team member to ensure comprehensive and effective support for your project.

We offer unparalleled support and guidance to our clients throughout the entire project lifecycle—pre, during, and post. Our commitment extends beyond the project's completion, as we prioritise cultivating long-term relationships with our customers. This approach allows us to adapt and align the systems with any changes in their business, ensuring ongoing synchronisation and sustained delivery of business efficiencies.

Recent Clients 

A selection of a few clients we have worked with  

If you would like some impartial advice about your people systems please call us we are always happy to help


What our customers are saying

Simon,I just wanted to say thank you for being such a stand-up and dependable colleague this past year – I can safely say that we couldn’t have done any of this work without you, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with you! I am constantly amazed by how efficient, organised and conscientious you are with your work, and how you consistently deliver excellence to everyone at Totally.

Rahul Kakaiya - Totally plc - (Dec 2024)

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can help you on your transformation project or with your payroll opeartion then email or call us.


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