HRIS Project Management 

We are very experienced in HRIS Project Management of system implementations and work alongside our clients at all stages of the project. We are the bridge between your internal organisation and the suppliers teams. We will use plain english and give you  clear and concise information throughout the project ensuring that you are comfortable and clear on requirements.
We will provide HRIS project management from the  start to post Go Live  
We will support the team throughout the project 
Stay on track and hit the target timelines  with a clear process 
Experienced team with a wealth of knowledge in people systems 
Hands on approach working with the project team at all times
Best practice processes to manage the project governance  

Project Planning

When embarking on an system implementation planning is essential. Most systems will come with their own project plan milestones but aspects such as resource allocation, timescales and deliverables will need to be in place before the project kicks off. These can tricky to establish if you have not been at the expose to a system implementation before. A badly planned project will quickly lead to extended timescales and increase projects costs if not done properly.
Lite consultants can offer support in all aspects of HRIS Project Management planning to ensure you project starts off on the right foot.

Resource  Planning

In order for your implementation to be successful one key element is to have the right people in place to help deliver what is needed. This can be in form a dedicated project team or individuals earmarked to focus on delivery within the business. Upfront resource planning can therefore highlight which skills you already have in the business and what you may need to recruit for. This can be helpful information to include in your business case and budget conversations.
Our consultants can help advise on resource planning based on our experience of different systems implementation paths and what skills will be needed. Planning this properly will help manage risk, uncertainties and minimise delays.

Project Governance

Governance is a critical element to be established in any project to ensure that clear responsibilities and accountabilities are set out at the start of the project and establishing escalation routes in order for decisions not to stall the project and puts some structure in place to keep things on track.
Lite consultants can ensure that project governance is in place, and keep a close track on all of the project activities to make certain the project is achieving its objectives and hitting milestones. Our team has many years of experience of HR and Payroll operations practices which helps guide this process.

Project Communication

Communication often gets overlooked or left to last minute to think about how the implementation is going to be rolled out. It is important to have a clear communication plan in place and who your stakeholders and users are that will be impacted. The user should feel as though they are part of the project rather than feeling they are having this implementation forced on them.
Lite consultants can support you through this, provide you with templates to help create your plan and advise you on what needs to considered.
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