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Working From home

All of our working lives have been changed by the current Corona Virus pandemic. Working from home is something that we have all had to do with immediate effect and whilst many people have worked from home in the past it has been to provide employees with flexibility. What we are experiencing now could become the new way of working for many staff going forward. It has many advantages and if you approach this differently we could all end up with a far better work life balance.

For those not used to working from home, here are some tip from us.

  • If possible, work at a designated space in your house. Sitting on the sofa with your laptop and Homes under the Hammer on the telly will not promote a healthy work environment.
  • Try and create a routine. Dress appropriately, work regular hours BUT if you have children speak to your employer around flexible times.
  • Take regular breaks. Its important to get away from your screen and ensure you have a lunch break and exercise.
  • Communicate regularly with colleagues. We use Teams to video conference every day, but Zoom is another option and its free. We know that there are a number of sole Payrollers out there too which is why we have created the ePayroll Hub.
  • If you do not have the right equipment, raise this with your Line Manager urgently.