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Time flies in a Payroll World


Our Payroll Service is 6 months old!

After setting up our payroll service at the end of last year, we went Live in January 2020. This initiative was something we had wanted to do for a while and has got off the ground very quickly. As of today, we have over 50 payroll clients using the service. This is an area that we have continued to grow even during the very uncertain business times that we all face.

Having consulted for many clients, helping them to select, and implement payroll solutions in bureaux and organisations across the country, we have taken our knowledge to implement a payroll service that removes the reliance on spreadsheets and emails.


We believe that technology and streamlining processes using cloud-based payroll and management solutions should be high on every organisation’s agenda. Ensuring they can adapt to new working practices that are now being forced upon organisations due to COVID19 is key.

Payroll teams across the country are now working remotely. Having systems in place for Managers to view the progress of all payrolls, monitor quality and ensure they support their teams is vital to providing a sustainable quality service.

We chose keypay cloud-based payroll solution and have implemented changpen payroll management platform to provide a customer portal and management solution. The latter assists us with the management of the service. As these applications are cloud-based we can adapt to the current working challenges easily. We can now provide staff with the flexibility of working from home or the office.

During the lockdown period, we set up our payroll over coffee online group for payrollers. We share experiences, ask questions and have a place to discuss challenges with likeminded payroll professionals. We now host this on a monthly basis and has proven to be very enjoyable. It was certainly a good distraction for us all during the early days of the lockdown.

Whilst we started this initiative just prior to the Lockdown, the decision has been a great one for LitE Consulting. The addition to our portfolio is huge, as we have remained very busy setting up the service during this period which has ensured that we have been able to keep a full team in place to diversify the business.

A great start to a new initiative and a positive outcome during what has been very challenging times for business.