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The New Normal

Business as unusual

In these uncertain times, we have no idea what the new normal will look like in the future. At LitE we have already taken the decision to change how we work with our clients after the lockdown. As a Consultancy, we spend a large part of a Project on-site with our client. Going forward we will now charge two rates – one for on-site work and one for off-site. Companies will be more receptive to remote working because of Covid-19 situation. Obviously this will not suit all businesses but I believe many will look to balance the benefits of both office and home working. One company we spoke to has said they will look to work in “pods” Select groups of staff being in the office on certain days. The obvious benefits being that a smaller office is required and furthermore, if this were to be adopted by many, less on the roads and trains and buses.

Working from home is not for everyone. Whether that is because they prefer face to face interaction with colleagues during the day or that they need mentoring. Not everyone in the workplace has plenty of experience. Our younger colleagues will undoubtedly benefit more from being in the same room.

A change for good?

In the midst of this awful situation, we can find some positives. Pollution has dropped to a record low because of the reduced traffic on the roads. In London, the technology used to measure pollution levels is registering as faulty due to the levels being so consistently low. Children are seeing their working parents more. Family time has become more frequent and furthermore healthier. As I look out of my home office window, I see families walking together, cycling and scootering together. We must not get back into old habits, let us choose to embrace these changes to become the new normal.