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Technology Considerations

Technology Considerations

The need for organisations to review their systems has never been greater and maybe now it should be put to the top of every organisation’s agenda when the world recovers from the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Teams Work

Video conferencing has finally found its place as a key business tool and most businesses will continue to use this moving forward as there is a strengthening discussion talking about this, being the NEW NORMAL. What is very interesting is that our first team meeting at LitE was carried out using Microsoft Teams and most of the team left their camera switched off, and yet this very quickly changed and now everyone that technically can make sure that the camera is switched on. There also appears to be a video call etiquette forming where you go on mute when not speaking and this stops people talking over each other.


True cloud technologies should be looked at for all key business applications. No longer are the functionally rich desktop systems going to be suitable in the NEW NORMAL. The system must be accessible from anywhere directly via a browser without the need to remote desktop to the hosted provider to gain access to systems

First of all, Payroll teams need to start looking at cloud solutions that provide automation, integration and provide self-service for payslips. Paper-based payslips should also be seriously questioned to ensure that payrolls can be carried remotely. Payroll Bureau Managers should now be asking for tools to manage their teams and payrolls efficiently. This is an area that I believe is seriously lacking and I am still amazed by the reliance on Microsoft excel within a payroll environment for importing and manipulating of data to producing your clients pay schedules.

We should use the current situation to review systems,
processes and practices to ensure that payroll emerges from this pandemic as a
leading business function and drives the business change in organisations.

The following considerations should be discussed as part of
the overall process

  • Systems
    • Payroll system
    • Bacs software
    • Integration to Finance
    • Integration to Pension providers
    • Connectivity to HMRC
    • Payroll Portals / Self-service
    • Bureau Management tools
  • Policies
    • Homeworking policies
    • Remote working policies
    • Data protection policy when working from home
  • Processes
    • Receive the changes from managers of a remote workforce