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Payroll Intergration Project


payroll consultancy

LitE Consulting have just started a payroll consultancy project. A local Kent based transport organisation has engaged with LitE Consultancy and also technical services. The client has been using the Selecthr application for a number of years. The work is to improve efficiency within the organisation through automation. We will be working with the client over the next three months. We have a target of April 2017 in which to have an operational payroll extract in place for the start of the new tax year.

Payroll consultancy – The requirement …

They have a requirement for a payroll interface and also an additional Selecthr system consultancy. The payroll requirement is to create changes only to export. In order to import files as required into payroll, we propose to automate the generation of the file.

The client provided a “snagging list” of consultancy required on the application. This ranged from workflow amendments, notification and alert changes, reporting and also user training.

Our approach to the project has been through an initial meeting to discuss the actual requirements in some detail. This is to ensure that we have a clear scope to work to.

payroll consultancy – The work…

The payroll consultancy work will be carried out by our experienced consultants. Any changes made will be on the Test System so that it can be checked by the client. Moreover, LitE Consultancy will document all the changes. This enables the client to have a full log of all system changes and also, amendments.

The development team will carry out the payroll extract work. Followed by the creation of a development specification. Once this process is completed, we will be in a position to create the data extract file for the client.

The project has commenced and we are currently on schedule to achieve the client’s deadlines.