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Project Management of Selecthr for Retirement Homes


Audley Retirement Homes have engaged with LitE Consultancy to carry out a review of their main HR, Payroll and rostering systems.

Meetings with key stakeholders from Audley Retirement plus senior representatives from ADP and Coldharbour (The care system provider) were held. The purpose of these meetings were to ascertain if the existing systems were suitable for the organisation above changing all the systems.

The outcome of the reviews highlighted the number of manual processes, this in turn deflects the HR team into looking at strategic issues. A lack of functionality in the current HR solution is the main reason for the manual processes.

Data is being keyed into many disparate systems up to five times. This is having a knock on effect on the HR team and the business is not being informed of critical dates that are pending or have even expired.

Letters are being produced manually rather than using the mail merge facility, both are due to shortfalls in the functionality of the HR solution. Some processes are outsourced which distances the HR team from knowing what is exactly going on. Documents are scanned and linked to an employee on the network drive, some processes seem to have a lot of manager emphasis such as recruitment – HR should have more involvement at this point.

The impact is that the Retirement, HR and Payroll team are spending too much time on manual processes. The main objective is to automate, the manual processes, and the team can then spend more time evaluating strategic issues. 

There is no system of truth and Retirement cannot be confident what data in which system is accurate. Reporting is difficult and their can be little confidence that the employee data in any report is 100% correct. Confidence in the information that is requested by GDPR is fully compliant. Retirement however are exposed to unacceptable employee compliance issues due to lack of alerts and reminders within the existing system.

Their are no perceived major operational issues with the Coldharbour system, however there are some functional issues which need to be addressed. The recruitment service provided by Omni was rated as poor and staff that are recruited seem to all start on the same day rather than in a phased and manageable way.

One of the main concerns is the amount that Retirement are paying to providers of the HR, Payroll and Care solution providers.