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Procurement Top Tips


 1. Don’t buy all the modules from the start of the contract, only buy them as required

2. Consider best of breed solutions as new technologies mean interfacing of systems is achievable

3. Minimum project length should be at least 6 months, set yourself realistic timescales

4. Push for clarity on what is standard and what requires consultancy, this will ensure clarity of purchase from the outset.

5. Don’t buy a Rolls Royce if you only need a Mini – you may be wowed by a demo showing you every bell and whistle but do you really need it. Concentrate on the real wins for your business.

6. Is the software future proof for your organisational plans/goals you have, for expansion, change of direction or introduction of new initiatives?

7. How long have you signed up for? Long contracts may seem economical but can prove to be costly

8. Never buy software/ functionality that is still to be developed, this generally delays projects or disappoints the end user.