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A Payroll Officer starting in lockdown



I have recently joined the LitE consulting team as a payroll officer during a very busy time for payroll. It has been challenging starting at a time with furlough and other government regulations related to Covid-19 meaning payroll staff having to adapt quickly.

I have learnt a lot of new things as payroll officer but with the support from my LitE team, this became easier each day. Keeping up to date with government information and keeping regular contact with my team and other payroll officers helped greatly. At least no other month will be as tricky as my first month!

Overall, I have learnt a lot and have come out of the other side. I’m enjoying the busy month and feeling more confident. I could tackle any problem that might occur in the future. Nor had I expected such a big community atmosphere from payroll having only worked on my own in previous employment. There are new contacts and mentors who are willing to help me and give advice as well as check-in and make sure everyone else is okay.

This has really helped and meant this tricky month has not been faced alone. There are many people in the same situation who you can talk to. LitE host a virtual “payroll over coffee” morning. It brings our payroll community together and helps create a conversation about the difficulties everyone is facing, alongside bringing new advice and tips. This was especially helpful with learning other methods and ways of processing furlough and payroll in general. Looking back, this month has been very interesting despite busy, though if I could never hear the word furlough again that would be nice!

Shona Liggett