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Launch of our new Payroll Management platform


After several months of researching the market to find a management tool to effectively manage our payroll service we decided to work with our sister development company to develop a payroll management platform. We believe that payroll service operations have to many manual processes and to much manual manipulation of data.

We wanted to create something that standardises data collection from clients through the use of a data portal whilst also provides clients with visibility of the status of their pay runs.

With this in mind we embarked on a development project to build this in November 2019. And yesterday launched our new payroll management platform Changepen to improve the efficiency and accuracy of our payroll service. The payroll management platform is a cloud based solution that provides an overall view of all payrolls with a task line showing the status of each payroll at a glance. It has the ability to create payroll schedules for clients and these are available to clients online.

The client portal enables a client to upload its monthly changes to our payroll bureau in a uniform fashion. This removes the need for payroll teams to manually manipulate spreadsheets to upload the data into the payroll system.

The application allows you to set up teams and allocate payrolls to the employees.This will prove to be invaluable with homeworking now being a large part of our working lives. The application also has a messaging hub that enables clients to liaise directly with the payroll agent which provides an audited communication trail. This will remove the need for emails and provide a central record of communication.

The application has additional features that will be included over the coming months. It is available on subscription basis. This management tool has been developed with input from payroll professionals who have managed and worked in payroll service operations.

We will be looking to work with payroll providers to utilise their API technology to enable the payroll teams to approve the data and it automatically uploads to the payroll system.

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