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Payroll Bureau by any other name


Payroll Bureau

Firstly, the traditional payroll bureau will accept changes to your payroll either through excel files or via email. Followed by some back and forth of emails with reports and sign off documents. Finally, the payslips will be sent, possibly in the post. We are not a traditional payroll bureau.

Here at LitE we offer several different options to service your payroll needs.

Payroll Bureau or Payroll Service

Rather than Payroll Bureau, we prefer to be your Payroll Service. We use the latest technology to provide you with a payroll service that is above and beyond the traditional payroll bureau. Consequently, no longer will the postman deliver a parcel full of payslips and reports. Our solution will allow you to access, as the manager, your report pack and as an employee your payslips. These can be viewed online or via the free mobile app.

Outsourced Payroll

Many accountancy firms run their own payroll bureau. This service is an addition to many other functions performed. However, it is not always a service that is performed by a payroll professional but rather an additional role taken on by the accountant.  If you are an accountant that wants to outsource the payroll service to a team of payroll professionals, we are more than capable. We can act as your payroll bureau. We can take on the process and any queries but keep it all in your name.  

How are we different?

As I said, we use cutting edge cloud technology such as ChangePen. This new to market Payroll management tool allows us to collaborate with the client and each other. No more demands for an excel spreadsheet. No more ambiguity as to deadlines. Dashboards showing how we are performing and how you are performing. It really is a gamechanger.

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