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We work with key partners to enhance our services that we provide to our customers. We believe in partnering with like minded organisations with the same values and ethos as ours. Our partners need to compliment our services enabling us to offer a complete selection, implemention and onward service delivery to all of our customers ensuring our quality standards are met.

Quaytech Systems 

We have worked with Quaytech systems for 3 years, they are a bespoke development and technical organisation’ They provide us with a greater level of technical expertise to ensure that our clients receive the correct technical advice.

Quaytech systems have taken care of our system integration projects that have required API knowledge and skill to create the webservice to other cloud based solutions.

They have extensive SQL skills within their teams and can assist the LitE consultancy teams with advanced data manipulation and extractions skills that enables us to assist our clients with data extracts from legacy systems and uploading into new applications.

Quaytech systems provide a technical support desk facility for all LitE consultings service customers and provide the 2nd level technical expertise that is required.


Keypay are our cloud payroll provider. We are resellers of the payroll platform and we use the payroll system for our managed payroll services.

Key pay are an award winning software company that originated in Australia and set up a uk operation in 2018.

After a significant amount of time researching the payroll market we opted for Keypay due to its technology and functionality that suited the market that we wanted to service.

The keypay application offers a lage amount of automation as well as self service functionality that provides efficiencies and will enable payroll services to improve their outdated manual processes.


A cloud based management platform, to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your payroll service through structured data capture, workflows and process automation.

The Ultimate pay service management tool.
ChangePen provides a clear picture of each Payroll, across your entire team. Utilise the live payroll schedules to clearly see important dates in any given Payroll. Easily Assign payrolls to different users to accomodate for staff absences and holidays.

If you would like to Partner with us we would like to hear from you

If you have a software solution or service that you believe would enhance our service offering then we would be keen to hear from you.