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Managed Payroll Service

Outsourced Payroll Service

We blend experience with cloud technology to deliver our outsourced payroll service, with a view to improving efficiency, accuracy and quality.

Our Service

– HMRC Compliant payroll service
– Dedicated payroll associate
– Client portal for secure data exchange
– Mobile apps for changes, payroll sign off and payslip
– Secure message hub for communication 
– Payroll query hub for logging and tracking enquires 
– Self service employee portal
– Reporting capability available for clients
– Payroll automation with pension sync

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Why outsource your payroll?

If you are already outsourcing your payroll or looking to outsource for the first time, LitE Consulting can offer a solution to meet your business needs. Choosing the correct outsource payroll service partner is crucial and having the ongoing trust in them will lead to a successful arrangement for both parties.

Client portal 

All clients are provided with a portal for secure data exchange ensuring that we are fully GDPR compliant. There is also a messaging hub for all client communications between the client and the payroll team removing the need for emails. The message hub also enables a full communication trail to be passed to be available to who ever runs the payroll.

HMRC recognised payroll

KeyPay UK offers full GPDR compliance and HMRC RTI automation. Our online payroll software is HMRC compliant, meets auto-enrolment regulations and links automatically with the HMRC gateway. By linking with the HMRC gateway changes are automatically uploaded and downloaded ensuring the data is up to date and insync with teh payroll system.

Self service and Mobile 

Our cloud based applications enable your employees to access paylsips via sellf service and mobile apps via the phone. Additionally employees can update their, address and bank details ensuring the payroll systems remains up to date. The payroll team can use mobile technology to upload changes and monitor the payroll progress, as well as sign off payruns.

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Bureau Management Tools

We have invested in changepen as our payroll service management tool to ensure that we have an overall picture of all of our payolls, ensuring that the team have online visibility of payroll deadlines. Changepen also offers us the ability to provide our customers with a client portal for uploading their payroll changes to the payroll teams, in a data compliant manner and a mobile app for entering changes and payroll sign up.

Changepen has proved to be invaluable during the COVID19 lockdown period where our payroill teams have been working remotely from home. We will continue to invest in cloud based technologies to ensure that our payroll teams have the correct tools

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outsourced payroll service
outsourced payroll service
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