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Investing in technology to enhance our Managed Payroll Service


Managed Payroll

We have implemented the new Payroll Query hub a further investment in technology to enhance our managed payroll service offering. With more of our team working at home, we need the tools in place to manage our payroll service. Additionally this will provide visibility of payroll progress at all times.

Zoom and Teams to have become the norm during covid and companies need to continue to embrace new technologies. The payroll function has traditionally been a spreadsheet and email driven profession that needs to invest in new technology. New tools to assist managing the payroll changes and queries will undoubtedly improve efficiency.

We have consulted for several payroll bureau operations and the centralised management of payroll queries has always been a challenge. This has continually been a problem area for bureaus to manage.

Our development partner Changepen Ltd has created a centralised system for all payroll queries. They have developed a module which forms part of their payroll management platform. The changepen application is a true cloud based solution that offers a lot of functionality to assist payroll service operations.

Our belief is that this is vital functionality now with the number of payroll queries at an all time. This has been high due to furlough, sickness calculations, holiday calculations and redundancy queries. Changepen’s query hub allows clients to set SLA’s so that the response times can be monitored. This will help improve quality or service and customer satisfaction.

Payroll Queries is raising the need for centralised systems

We have noticed on payroll forums recently that companies are enquiring about what systems are used to manage payroll queries. This is an indication that they are struggling to stay on top of them. Many organisations are turning to help desk and task management solutions to provide them with a system to record queries.

Whilst these solutions are all perfectly acceptable for this type of issue tracking, your staff will have to use a separate system, and it means you have client sensitive data in another system which would need to be managed carefully.

Our choice of solution for payroll management has proved to be a wise one with Changepen offering modular functionality. The modules include, changes module, payroll process timeline for payroll progress and visibility, online payroll schedules, message hub, and team management.

Changepen have a additional modules that they are looking to include in their management platform and we will continue to roll them out in due course.

If you would like to know more about the LitE payroll service or the changepen technology then get in contact!

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