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Honesty is the Best Policy

I had two very different experiences last week with two separate companies. The net result was the opposite of what I was expecting.

I needed to sell my Land Rover Defender, there were several reasons for this and it needed to be done quite quickly. A private sale would have been difficult so I decided to approach a specialised second-hand Land Rover dealer, which I did. After passing across all the details, the person from the company asked if he could do some research and come back to me. I agreed.

Some hours later I received the call and it started with “of course no-one wants silver anymore”. After a short discussion he offered me a price, a lot less than I really wanted but took into account of what he said and thought maybe it is only worth that? I reluctantly planned to take the vehicle along on the Saturday (it was 60 miles from home so planned a complicated return journey by train). The sales person said he would pay cash straight into my bank account.

The next day I remembered seeing an advert for I thought I would give them a try and see what they would be prepared tom pay. I knew they would offer below the market rate. To my utter surprise, they offered me £3.1k more than this reputable Land Rover dealer. They must have made a mistake I thought, but planned to go along on the Saturday to my appointment in Rochester for my 9.20 slot. I kept my other option open as I thought I could still drive down there if webuyanycar did not work out.

I turned up to what I would describe as a basic office, early as I always am. The representative was running a bit late but apologised. I went upstairs and we went through all the paperwork very thoroughly, gladly I seemed tohonesty-clipart-thumb_pinocchio_answer_3_xlarge have brought everything I needed. This was documented in the paperwork that they sent me. We then had a good look round the vehicle, he started it, moved it backwards and forwards and we went back to the office.

His next statement was one of surprise. He said “you may find this difficult to believe but ……..”. I thought here we go he is going to offer me £5k less! On the contrary he said we are going to offer you £1.1k more! I was flabbergasted but thanked him profusely. Apparently, I had listed the wrong model for the original quote! He did not need to do this, I would have been none the wiser. I got £4.1k more than the reputable dealer was going to give me.

So the moral here is don’t judge a book by its cover. Look further into the book and you may find something you were not expecting which may be to your advantage. I have always adopted the honesty approach, sometimes it had gone against me but I have always been able to hold my head up high knowing that I have told the truth.

What do you think, is honesty the best policy and who would you prefer to do business with?