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Don’t leave it to chance for your next HRIS selection.


Do not leave a selection of an HRIS solution to chance

Start point

When it comes to HR and Payroll solutions, there are many to choose from. But where do you start?

The internet is, of course, the obvious choice for HRIS selection but supplier’s sites will not give you the full story. As for reviews and comparisons, in my experience, these can be misleading. We often only ever voice our opinion to complain. Quite often, we will stick with what we know. So if you are fairly new to a role and it is your job to find a new system, its easy to choose the one you used at your last employer.

ITT‘s and RFI’s are essential during the selection process but if your initial choices are flawed these will only prolong the agony. So what are your options?

Ask an expert

The team here at LitE have a combined total of approx 75 years experience in the Payroll and HR arena. In that time we have worked with many systems and worked for some of the leading suppliers. This experience gives us an advantage when engaged in HRIS selection on behalf of our clients. We also remain agnostic when it comes to suppliers, this allows us to be truly impartial during any procurement process.

However, it doesn’t stop there. LitE also offer Project Management and Implementation Services. Our Consultants have worked with many of the providers in the market and worked for a few of them too. We use cloud technology to support our Project Managers whilst giving the client access to facilitate a collaborative effort and give full visibility of our work and project status. In addition to the above, because we work as a team we can bring different skill sets to the project at the appropriate times. This also allows for contingency in case of unforeseen absence.

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