Ormiston Families

Selecthr/ SelectPay/ Access XD

Sector:- Charity

System Procurement / Project Management & Data Migration support (Project start - Oct 21)

About Ormiston Families: Ormiston Families plays a vital role in supporting families across the East of England, aiming to build resilience and empower them to make choices that enhance the life chances of their children. The organization adopts a proactive approach by taking early and preventative actions to ensure the safety, health, and resilience of families. All services provided by Ormiston are geared towards helping individuals strengthen their networks, learn from experiences, and regain control over their overall well-being.

Project Background: Ormiston was already an Access customer utilizing SelectHR and SelectPay. However, due to a suboptimal implementation and the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on business operations, these systems were not meeting the specific needs of the charity. In response to these challenges, our engagement with Ormiston began with the primary objective of assisting them in identifying alternative HR and Payroll providers.

Given budget constraints, we collaborated closely with Ormiston to establish essential functionalities as "must-haves" while also developing a wish list of additional requirements. This meticulous process aimed to present credible alternatives for Ormiston's review. The Access Group was included in this evaluation, reflecting our commitment to exploring incumbent suppliers' alternative solutions or potential upgrades. Post the selection process, it became apparent that the project's requirements and budget would not permit the procurement of an alternative solution. As a result, our recommendation was to continue with the Access products, opting for an upgrade to the Access People XD application to align with the required functionality within the budget constraints.

Lite Consulting was subsequently entrusted with the responsibility of project managing the migration, including the transition to the cloud for The Access financial software. The project is currently in the Getting Started phase, with a focus on data cleansing as the primary activity in progress. The migration from SelectHR and SelectPay to Access People XD is underway, marking a significant step towards enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Ormiston's HR and Payroll systems.

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