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Keeping fit during lockdown

The LitE Team keeping fit 

Exercise is good for both mental and physical health

We at LitE are all keen on exercise in one form or another. Simon is a very keen cyclist. The picture of him on his turbo was taken while raising funds for the NHS as part of an initiative by Geriant Thomas – Tour de France winner. Dan and Kurtis are keen runners. This was taken prior to the lockdown although they do seem to following the guidlines with distancing. Doug likes to do things a little different. He’s the musical one in the team and plays drums in a band. Drumming offers very good cardio and it has been reported that some touring drummers have the fitness levels of sprinters. LitE have their own Strava group. This monitors distances and times across the activities. It’s a great way of motivating the team to be a little competative oustide of work and often prompts “banter” on the LitE WhatsApp group. 

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