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LitE Consulting have provided iTrent Project Management to Westminster Abbey during the HRIS procurement process of a new HRIS system. We have assisted the organisation in selecting suitable suppliers. As well as, acting as a trusted advisor during the system demonstrations.

Adding to this, LitE Consulting were also contracted to provide pre-contract support, to ensure that the organisation was preparing themselves for the implementation and set up of the new iTrent system that was chosen as the new HRIS system. We have provided support and guidance on the key areas. These key areas include: understanding processes, meeting with various departments, and to understand departmental workings.

The data cleansing process has been a key component to the work carried out to date. The team are now in a position to confidently transfer this to the suppliers upload templates. Also, we are actively communicating the project to the wider business. We doing this by having a series of meetings and regular communication forums.

iTrent Project Management

Following the pre project support LitE Consulting have provided the internal project management to Westminster Abbey and the project build phase will be taking place in January 2017, followed by user training and knowledge transfer. We do this to enable the project team to move into the UAT phase of the project. The payroll parallel running will also take place in February and March, with a view of going live with the payroll at the start of the new tax year.

The organisation recruited a graduate to work as a dedicated resource on the project and this has proved invaluable. The graduate has undertaken tasks such as, cleansing data and fulfilling a co-ordination role on the project.