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Technical Consultancy

HRIS Data consultancy

LitE Consulting are HRIS technical consultancy experts in data management, analytics and also, reporting. We assist clients in managing HR data ensuring that the data provides your business with accurate and concise information.  This is a key element on any HRIS system from the initial data import to manipulating and reporting on the data. HRIS systems are a key source of people data within a business and companies are now starting to ask more questions and make decisions on the data held. Our HRIS Technical Consultancy team have excellent skills in data manipulation using SQL, EXCEL, Crystal reporting, Ms Access.

We provide the following HRIS Technical Consultancy services relating to HR data:

HR Data cleansing – We will work with clients to assist them in cleansing their HR data prior to a system migration. We also work with clients to cleanse data at any time if the current data is incorrect or incomplete data.

HR Data Management – As part of your system migration project, we would assist you with manipulating the HR Data.

Data extraction – Our HRIS Technical Consultancy team are able to assist clients by extracting data from existing systems. We will then cleanse and manipulate the data for import into new systems.

Data Audits – We carry out data audits to review the data that you hold on your employees. In many cases businesses hold data in paper excel and word documents. This is because their current system does accommodate the data held.  We will provide an analysis of all sources of data. We will also work with the client, to agree the sources of data to be used to populate new systems.

Interfaces to other applications

LitE HR’s development team are experienced in report writing. We have produced extracts on several leading HR and payroll applications for clients. We undertake a full scoping exercise to understand the requirement prior to any development taking place.

Payroll Interfaces and Data extracts – We specialise in developing payroll extracts to pass data from HR systems to payroll applications. We have developed full extracts and changes only extracts depending on the requirement of the client.

Interfaces from Time and Attendance systems – Where client have T&A systems we work with clienst to develop the relevant etxract to pass the data into the payroll systems.