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HRIS Project Management

We provide a full HRIS project management service to our customers. This can start from the procurement process, pre project preparation or following the selection of a provider and system.

Our HRIS Project Management adopts the core principles of project management whilst ensuring we are very hands on and visible with a key emphasis on project communication.

We work with our clients to establish realistic milestones throughout the various phases of the implementation.

We seldom provide full time HRIS project management throughout the project as we do not feel that this is best value for money for a client.

At LitE Consulting we are very flexible and manage our time around the project schedule and peaks. However we do ensure that we are still in communication weekly from project inception to close.

The way we do it 

Hands on approach to Project Management 

Our Approach

Our HRIS Project Management philosophy is built around communication and a thorough understanding of implementing HRIS systems.

The project governance and documentation is produced based on our LitE methodology. We believe in spending time doing and not making projects overly bureaucratic so the emphasis is on setting a framework for the project. Furthermore this includes a timeline, issues log, risk register and communications plan.

Additionally we believe that a strong visible presence to coordinate and communicate with customers leads to the most successful projects.

Our Philosophy

A pre requisite within our team is that all project managers have experience of HRIS projects.

We assist clients in managing all elements of a new system implementation. Our employees work with the clients to ensure that change management and transformation is at the core of the project.

Our aim is to not simply manage system implementations on a “like for like” basis. Instead, we work with our clients to take the opportunity to review business processes and improve operational efficiency. We work with ours clients to maximize the return on investment and ensure that we adopt best practice principles.

Our Process

We are very hands on in our approach and our Project Managers work with your team to understand the processes and the way your business works. We believe this will lead to a solution that fits your business and not just a replica of your existing system.


HRIS Project Management


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