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HRIS Procurement

Who we are:

LitE Consulting offers HRIS procurement services, which is designed to help our customers through the minefield of HR and payroll software selection and implementation. We are a niche company with our employees having an average of over 20 years’ experience EACH in the HR and Payroll arena.

What we do:

Our aim is for our customers to select the most appropriate solution to support them in achieving their goals and meeting their business plans. This solution must be at the very best price; that is not necessarily the cheapest or the most expensive. It should be the best value for money in order to achieve your goals.

The HRIS Procurement service will advise on ‘Return on Investment’ and where efficiencies on process can be made. Additionally this can form part of a ‘Business Proposal’ to your Board, ensuring you get appropriate budgetary funding.

The HRIS Procurement service can also help highlight all the potential pitfalls, of which there are many. If these pitfalls are not exposed during procurement, it could result in many thousands of pounds of hidden costs. It could even result in culminating in selecting a solution that does not meet your requirements.

In summary, The HRIS Procurement service will illuminate the right path for you to take.

Lite Consulting - Illuminate Path

  • Do I really need to change?
  • Can I get more from my existing system?
  • What are the benefits that need addressing by the new system that cannot be done now?
  • What is my planned ‘Return on Investment’?
  • Is the system scale-able for our future growth?
  • How can I ensure that I procure the most cost effective system that can meet all my requirements in terms of selection and implementation?
  • I know it is hard work implementing a new HR and Payroll solution. How do I know that once implemented it will meet all my reporting needs?
  • If you cannot answer all of these then let us help – the earlier in the process the smoother the HRIS Procurement service and installation process will be.

I’ve purchased a solution what’s next?

Once the software has been selected, it is of paramount importance that it is implemented. This is to ensure that all your goals are achieved. As well as ensuring that the project disciplines of quality, time and cost are maintained.

In some cases the supplier may leave you floundering after the sale and make demands that are not feasible. This is where we can help. We understand the process, and in addition, work with both you and the supplier ensuring realistic ‘Project Plans’ are produced. As well as creating milestones and ensuring project disciplines are maintained. We will help you evaluate that the project is on track and is delivering the goals you originally set.

Some projects only deliver a “like for like” implementation where the customer is actually no better off. The benefits sought are never realised. We help you to make sure that the benefits that you desire, are achieved by working with you and your chosen supplier.