HRIS Admin Services

HRIS Admin Services

At LitE Consulting we provide HRIS Admin services; our ethos is to help clients select, implement, develop and also support their HRIS solutions. We do this to ensure that they gain the maximum benefit from their chosen application. Modern HRIS admin services are complex applications that hold vast amounts of data. With the advent of self-service technology, the application is no longer just an electronic filing cabinet used by a few people within an organisation.

The HRIS admin services, are now in most cases, an integral business application. It requires the correct level of ongoing investment and support, meaning that the role of administering the HRIS admin services, should not fall onto the shoulders of the HR team. IT teams carrying out system support can be an issue due to the security and sensitivity of employee data.


What is HRIs admin system?

Clients are typically left to stand on their own two feet after the implementation of your HRIS admin service. In addition to this, they are expected to manage their system by themselves. Using only the knowledge that they have gained from training sessions throughout the implementation process. Understandably, this is where organisations start to get frustrated with the application. This is due to the fact that they are unable to continue to develop the application, so that it can meet the demands of changes within most businesses.

Businesses need to utilise the data captured within the HRIS admin service, in order to enable it to make accurate business decisions. However producing reports can be very challenging, due to the volume and the way data is held.

Businesses change and these will be familiar situations that most of you will experience on an ongoing basis. Changes include: salary increases, changing holiday years, organisational changes, acquiring new organisations and also importing bulk data into the systems. These are all super user or consultancy tasks on a lot of systems.


HRIS Admin challenges organisations face:
  • Having the breadth of role to support application, data and reporting.
  • Also, the cost to employ someone to fulfill the role in most cases £30k+.
  • Moreover, finding someone with the skill set to support your application.
  • Adding to this, the role is not a full time role.


What does this role require?
  • A person with some level of technical expertise and good systems bias
  • Ability to fit this role into their day, and have an interest in technology
  • An analytical minset to understand requirement and translate that into the system so that workflows are created to meet the clients needs
  • Has the technical ability to create complex reports as required
  • Keeping HR data up to date and cleansed as required using a data analyst
  • A systems champion
What can LitE provide organisations?
  • A service to support your HRIS admin service with application trained staff.
  • A team who can help you grow your system as well as grow your business.
  • A service that monitors data accuracy and also completeness.
  • A data specialist who can interrogate data as required.
  • A highly competitive pricing structure to fit you budget.