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Data Migration Project

HR Data Consultancy

HR Data Consultancy Project 

LitE Consulting are part of the HRIS data migration activity on an HRIS migration project. LitE Consulting will be providing HR Data Consultancy. The client has also engaged with TugelaHR to project manage. They need assistance with the migration from their old application, and to implement their new system. The client has chosen Fairsail as their new HRIS application. Extracted data will come from Selecthr. The change in system has come about by an acquisition of the company.

The project has involved creating data extracts from their existing Selecthr system. Also, providing the database schema’s, so that the data can be mapped into the new HRIS systems format. On multiple occasions, extraction of data will occur.

This may be for cleansing or testing of the system with Live data.

LitE Consulting are experts in HRIS data migration, translation and also manipulation. Our consultants have a vast amount of technical expertise. They work to ensure that the data can be extracted and translated into the new systems formats.

The importance of the Data

We believe that the success of HRIS projects hinges on the effort put into two areas. Firstly, understanding the data held. Also, ensuring that the data is then correctly mapped into the required formats, for the new system. With the use of self service functionality, the HR data is far more visible within businesses that ever before.

Our client has taken the correct approach to this by investing time in the process. Both in terms of our expertise and their own internal resources availability for data cleansing. This is to ensure that the data is of the highest quality.

If you wish to have some expertise around HRIS data migration and manipulation as part of your project team, then drop us a line.