Report Writing Services

HR systems hold a vast amount of data. This data provides important information. This is then used for key decision making within organisations. HR systems are complex databases that hold data on the employees lifecycle with the organisation. This can amount to a lot of data over time. Reporting on this data is the one single frustration that we come up against from organisations all the time. Due to the confidentiality of the data, IT teams are not given the access to assist with report writing. So, unless the HR team has the budget for an HRIS resource, Crystal report writing remains a constant frustration to them.

Crystal Report Writing

With most systems now, there are different ways of obtaining the data from systems. These are typically through data extracts into spreadsheets. Then the data can be manipulated, running Crystal report writing, with pre-defined data to give you the required data. As required, displaying management information, through dashboards on screen.

Each of these methods require the underlying data to be queried to return the data that you require. In an HR system that typically has several hundred tables, this is generally where the challenge lies. All systems hold the data in various ways. Creating the joins between the tables to return accurate data is what cause a lot of organisation to struggle, when it comes to Crystal report writing.

Most reputable HR systems come with a number of standard reports pre built within the systems. However, nearly always, clients will always have their own requirements that require bespoke reports written.

At LitE we recognise that HRIS system are intrinsic to organisations. Important decisions are made, based on the data. Decision such as: people based decisions, budgetary decisions and successions planning decisions.

We help our customers, define the report requirements and then write the reports using Crystal report writing or business objects. Our consultants are supported by a development team. The development team can then create more technical reports if required.

We provide a Crystal report writing service that clients can subscribe to. We are then on hand to create reports whether it’s an ad hoc reporting requirement or a planned and scoped report that is needed. Our service provides you with the peace of mind, that should you need any data extracted from your system you log the request with us and we do it. You will no longer require report writing skills within your team.

Why use LitE Crystal Report writing services?
  • Reports when you need them
  • No need to train your team
  • No data security issues with internal staff
  • Cheaper more cost effective solution


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