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LitE joins Kent Chamber of Commerce

About LitE We are Payroll and HR specialists, providing Payroll services and HR systems consultancy to organisations across industry sectors. We have a team of experienced professionals, with a wealth of knowledge in processing, selecting payroll systems and implementing payrolls for small, medium and large organisations.  Plus experience in managing…
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Techexpo South East

We are exhibiting at the show, come along and see how our payroll software can help businesses save time and money

How to ensure your payroll implementation does not feel like a roller-coaster ride.

So, your old faithful payroll application is being retired and you have been promised that the new system will do everything for you apart from making the tea. Here are some tips our team have put together based on experience in the field to help the changeover go smoothly. BEING…
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Procurement Top Tips

 1. Don’t buy all the modules from the start of the contract, only buy them as required 2. Consider best of breed solutions as new technologies mean interfacing of systems is achievable 3. Minimum project length should be at least 6 months, set yourself realistic timescales 4. Push for…
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Common Project Pitfalls

1. Unrealistic expectations of required internal effort – an HR/Payroll project is a major thing to implement and should be resourced accordingly. 2. Supplier Delivery – don’t expect the supplier to do everything for you. 3. Sales & Reality – you may be sold a Rolls Royce that turns up…
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