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The Importance of Good Data

Accurate and complete data must be the objective when you are implementing a new system but in practice moving it from one system to another appears to be the most important thing on the Project Teams mind. This is ever more apparent since the advent of Self Service applications and…
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The common sense approach to HRIS projects

We hear about so many project management methodologies that are used, however, regarding how successful or not they are, is open to the individual managing HR projects. You may be wondering what makes a project, a project? The definition of a project is a one off piece of work, that…
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HR consultancy

Consultancy project

LitE Consultancy will provide Kims hospital with HR consultancy and implementation support on their Selecthr and Selectpay implementation. Located in Maidstone, Kent; Kims is a new private hospital. The company has been implementing the software for a couple of years. They have had issues with the setup of the organisation structure…
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payroll consultancy

Payroll Intergration Project

LitE Consulting have just started a payroll consultancy project. A local Kent based transport organisation has engaged with LitE Consultancy and also technical services. The client has been using the Selecthr application for a number of years. The work is to improve efficiency within the organisation through automation. We will…
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New Year, New HRIS System? Are you looking to replace your HRIS in 2017?

The holidays seem a long way away and some of the New Year resolutions seem impossible to stick too, but the one thing you keep muttering is we need an HRIS system that works!  Do you dream of clicking a button and all of your reports are just produced or…
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