Admin Service Do I really Need to Replace my HR Systems Administrator? Modern HR and Payroll systems certainly have a lot of functionality which helps the busy HR and Payroll teams to perform a more strategic role. These systems do take a fair amount of maintenance in terms of continued performance, configuration, applying fixes and reporting. This role traditionally was performed by a Systems Administrator in the

Selecting HRISIt is that time of the year when many companies are looking to change their HRIS and Payroll solutions. The payroll year end is complete and you have been given a budget to go and procure. There may be many reasons to change your solution that include, the existing system does not cut the mustard or due to expansion you now need a global solution. Your

Change TrainsDepending on which study you believe, and what industry you’re in, acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. It seems today that many software houses are more focused on new sales than analysing customers who are leaving and the actual impact to their business. We all know that ambitious sales targets are issued at the

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Change is complex, amorphous and dynamic. Taking a step by step approach seems intuitive to most and leaders don’t and shouldn’t be micro managing every aspect of the change. However, when designing an implementation make sure there are plenty of feedback loops, regular evaluations and open-ended adaptations. Embedding these into an implementation plan will allow the organisation to be able to flex with conflicting

honestyI recently took my car into a garage for them to investigate a smell of diesel fumes, that seemed to be coming into the car via the air conditioning. I was keen to resolve the issue. After several hours the garage got back to me and said they had identified the fault and needed to order the part. There was a “by the way” “your back tyres