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Managing your HRIS solution?

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Do I really Need to Replace my HR Systems Administrator?
Modern HR and Payroll systems certainly have a lot of functionality which helps the busy HR and Payroll teams to perform a more strategic role. These systems do take a fair amount of maintenance in terms of continued performance, configuration, applying fixes and reporting. This role traditionally was performed by a Systems Administrator in the IT department. Latest trends dictate a move to this role being owned by HR.

When the System Administrator leaves it can create a void which is difficult to replace. You can recruit someone else through an agency, via your own recruitment process or sometimes use a third-party consultant.All these are expensive options and you have no guarantee that when the recruited person is fully trained, that they stay with you and you are back to square one after considerable financial outlay.

We at LitE Consulting have started a System Administration Service which allows our customers to log calls for required maintenance, configuration and reporting work. We estimate the effort required to complete this work and give a date when the work will be completed.

The customer purchases a set number of hours per month for a term which is negotiated.
These hours can be used as required and accumulated to the next month if not used. Hours can also be brought forward from future months. Accumulated hours can be converted to site visits if required.

What are the benefits to you:
• Your system is maintained by an industry expert
• You do not have to train your system administrator
• There are no recruitment agency or consultancy fees
• You do not have to deliver internal training
• We have someone available immediately to work on your needs
• Your system is kept in pristine condition
• There are no unexpected costs
• We can advise on future module roll out
• Your work requirement is delivered in a timely and professional manner
• We are part of your team

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